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9-6pm Mon-Sat

Beginner Chess Classes Led By IM Vishal Sareen

Nurturing Grandmasters from Day 1

    Our Students:
    From Beginners to Arjuna Awardees

    All were trained personally by IM Vishal Sareen

    GM Abhijeet Gupta
    (Arjuna Awardee)
    WGM, IM Tania Sachdev
    (Arjuna Awardee)
    GM Parimarjan Negi
    (Arjuna Awardee)
    GM Sahaj Grover
    WGM Srija Seshadri
    GM Pranav Anand
    IM Dushyant Sharma
    FM Rosh Jain

    Your classes will be led by
    International Master Vishal Sareen


    ūüĆü Chess Prodigy Turned Coach

    Vishal Sareen took up chess at 10 and became the National Sub Junior Champion in 1986. He represented India for the first time in 1987 in the World Under-16 Chess Championship at Innsbruck in Austria. 

    ūüŹÜ¬†Grandmaster Maker

    His coaching journey started when was 25 years old.
    Vishal guided Parimarjan Negi, Abhijeet Gupta, Sahaj Grover, and Tania Sachdev to Grandmaster status.

    ūü߆ Expert Trainer¬†

    He has trained several Indian teams in the past two decades including Cadets, Youth, Sub-Junior, Junior, and Women.

    A personal trainer of Abhijeet Gupta for over 15 years, Vishal holds the title of FIDE Senior Trainer and a Councilor in the FIDE Trainers’ Commission.

    The most experienced coaches

    GM Pravin Thipsay (Mentor)

    • FIDE Senior Trainer
    • Represented India for over 25 years from 1975 till 2003 in various international events including the Chess Olympiad.
    • Seven times National Champion
    • Chairman of All India Chess Federation‚Äôs Trainers‚Äô Commission 2021.


    Notable Students:

    • Grandmaster M. R. Lalith Babu from¬†2008 to 2012
    • Grandmaster S L Narayanan from¬†2013 to 2015¬†¬†
    • Grandmaster Ankit Rajpara from¬†2012 to 2015 ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†
    • Grandmaster Anurag Mhamal from 2010 to 2012¬†
    • Woman Grandmaster and IM Nisha Mohota since 2006
    • Woman Grandmaster Kruttika Nadig from 2004 to 2008.
    • International Master Aditya Udeshi 2008 to 2012.¬†¬†¬†

    IM Neeraj Kumar Mishra (Coach)

    GM Students 

    1. Deep Sengupta
    2. Debashish Das
    3. Vidit Gujrathi
    4. Swapnil Dhopade
    5. Shardul Gagare
    6. Swayams Mishra
    7. Mitrabha Guha
    8. Koustav Chatterjee

    IM Students:

    1. Padmini Rout
    2. Anwesh Upadhyay
    3. Bitan Banerjee
    4. Aronyak Ghosh

    Women GMs:

    1. Mary Ann Gomes
    2. Kiran Manisha Mohanty

    Women IMs:

    1. Lakshmi Sahiti
    2. Shalmali Gagre
    3. Arpita Mukherjee
    4. Chandrayee Hazra

    IM Sharad Tilak (Coach)

    Achievements as a Chess Coach:

    • Awarded the title of FIDE Trainer by FIDE in 2020
    • Parnali Dharia: won the Gold in Asian Under 18 in 2014
    • Om Kadam: won the Gold medal in the Asian U 10 in 2018
    • Aditya Udeshi: Gold medal in the National Sub-junior 2008
    • Shiven Khosla: Gold medal in the National under 11 Chess 2007
    • Bhavik Bharambe: Gold medal in National under 13 in 2015
    • Aditya Udeshi and Shiven Khosla awarded the IM title
    • Parnali Dharia awarded the International Woman Master title
    • Nubairshah Shaikh awarded the International Master title by the
    • World Chess Federation in 2016.

    Why choose Chess7 Academy?

    World-Class Instructors

    Comprehensive Syllabus

    Personalized Learning

    Live Coaching Only



    Fees and Courses

    • Online Classes are possible throughout the week.
    • Our working hours are 4-8 PM at the academy on weekdays.
    • On weekends and holidays, we work from 10 AM-8 PM


    • The classes are customized according to the need of students.
      If you want any other schedule, you can contact us.
    • This fee structure is for group classes only.
    • For personal 1-2-1 sessions please contact us.

    Beginner Classes

    Class Type
    4 Classes a month
    Rs. 2000
    8 Classes a month
    Rs. 3500
    4 Classes a month
    Rs. 2000
    8 Classes a month
    Rs. 3250
    4 Classes online + 4 offline
    Rs. 3250
    6 Classes online + 6 offline
    Rs. 4500
    12 Classes a month
    Rs. 4750
    12 Classes a month
    Rs. 4250

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Chess7 Academy is dedicated to providing top-quality chess education and training for players of all ages and skill levels.

    We offer a paid demo class for Rs.99/-, this amount will be adjusted in your fees if you become a student.

    Our courses are open to beginners, intermediate players, and advanced enthusiasts who want to enhance their chess skills and become masters of the chequered board.

    We offer a wide range of courses covering chess fundamentals, openings, tactics, strategies, endgames, and more. Our curriculum caters to diverse learning needs.

    Our coaches are highly skilled and experienced in teaching chess. Almost all of them are FIDE accredited trainers. Some of our coaches have been training the Indian teams for many years now.
    They bring their expertise and passion to every session, ensuring a supportive learning environment.

    We welcome chess enthusiasts of all ages, from young children to young adults. Our courses are tailored to meet the specific requirements of different age groups.

    Enrolling is easy! Just browse our course offerings, choose the one that suits you, and follow the enrollment instructions provided.

    Course durations vary based on the complexity and depth of the material. Normally we would say
    about 3-5 months from Beginner to Intermediate, 4-6 months from Intermediate to Advance level.

    Course fees vary depending on the course level. You can find detailed pricing information here.

    We occasionally offer special discounts, promotions during tournaments.

    It depends on how the child is working and the amount of time he/she is able to dedicate to the game. Ideally it could be anywhere between 3-5 months.

    Yes, we prioritize the security of your information. Our online enrollment process is designed to ensure the confidentiality of your data.

    Yes, we are active on social media platforms. Follow us on Facebook to stay updated and engaged with our community. 

    While we will be organizing PTMs periodically, you can always reach out to our team on whatsapp or contact@chess7.com


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