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Chess7 Academy Masterclass

Middle Game Secrets
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By World Famous Grand Masters

Learn all the hidden secrets from the best grand masters in the world

Grand Master Coaches

Ivan Sokolov

Ivan Sokolov

Coach of Gold Medal Winning Uzbekistan Chess Olympiad Team 2022
Awarded the title of Grandmaster in 1987, 1988 Yugoslav Champion, Dutch Champion in 1998, Peak Rating : 2706
Mihail Marin

Mihail Marin

Romanian Grandmaster and Renowned Author
Awarded the title of Grandmaster in 1993, 3 Times Romanian Chess Champion, "Marin is one the world's finest chess writer : Jeremy Silman". Peak Rating : 2616
Dejan Bojkov

Dejan Bojkov

Bulgarian Grand Master and Renowned Author
Awarded the title of Grandmaster in 2008, Champion of 48th Canadian Open Chess Championship in 2011. New Zealand Chess Team & Former Women World Champion Antoaneta Stefanova's Coach. Peak Rating : 2556
Pravin Thipsay

Pravin Thipsay

First Indian to Win the Commonwealth Chess Championship
Arjun Awardee, Awarded the title of Grandmaster in 1997. Peak Rating : 2515

Why This Course?

World-Class Instructors

The course features an exceptional lineup of renowned Grandmasters, including world champions like Ivan Sokolov, Mihail Marin, Dejan Bojkov and Pravin Thipsay. This gives participants unprecedented access to the insights and strategies of chess legends.

Comprehensive Curriculum

The program covers a wide range of middlegame topics, from fundamental principles to advanced concepts and modern theory. This ensures a well-rounded and thorough education in this critical phase of the game.

Practical Application

Each session balances theoretical concepts with practical examples and analysis. The course also includes homework assignments and access to a database of annotated positions, allowing participants to apply what they've learned.

Interactive Learning

With Q&A sessions in each class and an online forum for discussions, participants have ample opportunities to engage directly with instructors and fellow students, fostering a dynamic learning environment.

Personalized Feedback

The course includes analysis of student games, providing personalized insights into how to apply the learned concepts in real-game scenarios.


Connect with a passionate community of chess enthusiasts. Share your progress, discuss strategies, and forge new friendships.

Our Grandmasters

Spreading Magic Everywhere…

Course Structure

Topics Covered
1. Middle game principles
2. Pawn structures and development
3. Exploit weak pawn structures
4. Defensive techniques and counter attack
5. Synergy between pieces
6. Calculation techniques
7. Exploiting weak squares
8. Prophylaxis and preventing opponent’s plans
9. Identifying and creating weakness
10. Combining tactics with strategy
11. Transitioning between different types of positions
12. Preparing for favourable endgame
13. Strategies for closed positions
14. Techniques for open positions
15. Transitioning between closed and open games
16. Reading your opponent
17. Recent development in middle game theory
18. Adapting traditional concepts to modern play
& Many More Exciting Learnings

Additional Details

Frequently Asked Questions

A: This masterclass is designed for chess players with a minimum level of
intermediate. It’s ideal for serious players looking to significantly improve
their middle game understanding and skills.

Participants are expected to spend about 2-3 hours per week on applying the learning in games. Active participation in the community discussions is also encouraged.

A: Yes, each session includes a Q&A segment where participants can ask questions directly to the Grandmaster instructor. Additionally, the online community provides opportunities for further interaction.

A: This masterclass stands out due to its focus on middlegame strategies, the caliber of the instructors (world-renowned Grandmasters), and the comprehensive curriculum covering both theoretical and practical aspects of middlegame play

Yes, you will have online support from assistant coaches after the Masterclass concludes and receive a discount on future advanced courses.

Registration Fees

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Rs 4999/-

Rs 4399 /-

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