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How to Take Online Chess Classes Like a Pro Coach

This post isn’t meant to critique your existing coaching style – we already know you’re a fantastic chess coach! We simply want to offer some additional tips that might help elevate your online classes to an even higher level. If you’re already doing all of these things, then consider this a pat on the back for being a chess coaching pro!

Taking online chess classes opens doors to students worldwide, but being a great online coach requires more than just chess knowledge. Here’s how to conduct yourself professionally and ensure a smooth learning experience for your students

To take the class like a Pro Chess Coach, You can divide every class in four parts.

Before the Class:

As a Chess Coach or teacher your punctuality is very important, You should Aim to be online 5 minutes early. This allows you to address any technical difficulties and gives students time to settle in. You should ensure you camera and microphone are functioning properly. As a Chess Coach your camera on the class should be always on without showing you face you students will never focus in the class and will not take you seriously. In the end there is a Video on how you can Look Better on Video Calls with the Easy Lighting Tips that will definitely help you. Also having a clear lesson plan in mind for the day’s session. This help keep the class focused and ensures you cover all the intended material.

Starting the Class:

Greet your students enthusiastically as they join the class. This sets a positive tone and builds rapport. Your students will behave like you only if you are friendly with them have high energy in the class they will respond like that only but if you just there with no energy then its very hard for students to focus in the class and give you right feedback.

If there is a new Student in the class : Briefly introduce yourself and your Chess background.

Before jumping to the topic briefly outline the day’s lesson plan, highlighting the key concepts or skills students will learn.

During the Class:

During the class engagement with the students is the key, Encourage active participation from your students. Keep Asking questions, solicit feedback, and create opportunities for students to explain their thought processes. During the class as a Chess coach you should speak clearly and concisely, avoiding jargon. Break down complex concepts into a manageable steps with simple examples.

When you are asking questions and feedback in the class from students always acknowledge and praise student effort and improvement. Create a supportive learning environment where mistakes are seen as opportunities for growth. In the group  we all know different students have different pace to learn. Be patient with those who need more explanation or practice.

Always keep an eye on the clock and ensure you cover the planned material within the allocated time.

Ending the Class:

Now its time to close the class, Before saying bye to class, Summarise the key points covered in the lesson. Allow time for students to ask clarifying questions before the class ends. HOMEWORK is seriously must for practice and solidify the concepts they have learned in the class. Now its time to say Good bye to the classes thanks everyone and express your enthusiasm.

Bonus Tip:

Dress appropriately for the online setting. A professional demeanor fosters respect and builds trust with your students.


Video on Improving your video quality:

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